Why Us

Why Us

We Do Our Homework

We analyze lake information and fish tendencies before you arrive so you spend your time catching fish, and not looking for fish.  Our guides fish 7 days a week to stay up to date for your angling success.

We Focus On You

Our guides do not fish unless you want us to.  We spend our time insuring you get 100% of our undivided attention.  We focus on proper boat control, baiting lines, untangling lines, and netting fish.  If someone needs help casting or wants to experiment with other lures, we are right there to assist you.  We want you our valued customer to concentrate on having fun and catching fish and let us handle the rest.

Professional Guides

Every guide is U.S. Coast Guard Licensed (Merchant Mariner Officers), CPR Certified,  and commercially insured for your peace of mind.

Newest Boats and Equipment

We operate the largest and newest model boats, motors and fishing equipment for your comfort and safety.

Something For Everyone

We offer instructional fishing trips for individuals, couples, families, corporate groups, large groups, tournament anglers and those needing help due to handicaps or disabilities.  We work with organizations like the DAV, Healing Waters, Wounded Warrior Project and Boys Homes.  We also love children so bring them!  With 2hr, 4hr, 6hr, and 8hr instructional fishing trips, we have a trip for everyone.

Catch Fish Guarantee

We guarantee you will catch lots of fish on your outing. Not just any guide service can give you that promise!  Fishing is made thrilling and fish are easy to catch with our professional guides.  With years of experience and fishing knowledge, we will lead you to the perfect locations to catch the lunker of the day.

Our Fishing Guide Sponsors

Power-PoleSt. CroixBranson West MarineEberlin Boats & Motors
LowranceTH MarineDaiwaTTI Blakemore
  Spro CorporationMercury MarineRanger Boats  

Our Fishing Guide Sponsors

Power-PoleSt. Croix
Branson West MarineEberlin Boats & Motors
LowranceTH Marine
DaiwaTTI Blakemore
Spro CorporationMercury Marine
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